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What is CapCut Templates APK?

A pre-designed document that is used for creating things like fax forms, letters, and envelopes. This type of document is commonly named as a template. Now, we are using these templates for photo and video editing. If you’re looking to edit your videos using CapCut video templates, you are at the best place.

The CapCut Templates APK, with its unlimited templates, makes video editing easier and faster. You can also use it to easily include text in your videos. CapCut new trending templates are getting famous on social media platforms such as  YouTube Shorts, Facebook Reels, and TikTok videos. These templates are available on Android mobile, iOS, and PC.

Top Trending CapCut Templates APK

TikTok New Trending CapCut Templates

Here are some trending CapCut templates for TikTok that people are loving:

Happy Birthday CapCut Template

People celebrate birthdays as one of the most memorable events in their life. They make their loved ones’ birthdays more special and unforgettable by creating a birthday video with the Happy Birthday template. These templates are user-friendly and offer an array of choices to create stunning videos effortlessly. 

Happy Birthday Information Table

Template NameCapCut Happy Birthday Template
Size10 MB
Version 1.0.36
Video Duration 12- 15 Second
Source AppStore

If you lack professional video editing skills, you can create stunning birthday videos with just a single click by using Happy Birthday CapCut templates. CapCut provides a wide selection of free Happy Birthday templates that you can use for your video projects.

Let me showcase to you some Happy Birthday templates that can help you find Happy Birthday songs, video effects, and animations. If you want to use and download these templates for free, go through the templates below:

Download Top Trending Happy Birthday Template Links 2023

I Wanna Be Somebody to You Birthday Wish

YouTube video

Today is Your Day

YouTube video

Happy Fucking Birthday

YouTube video

Happy Birthday Song

YouTube video

It’s my birthday Beat Images

YouTube video

360 degree Happy Birthday

YouTube video

Happy Birthday Fast Image Transition

YouTube video

Happy Birthday 3 Photo Transition

YouTube video

How to Use CapCut Happy Birthday Template?

  • Select the Given links for the Happy Birthday CapCut Templates.
  • When you select the download links of the CapCut Template, a new browser tab will pop up, displaying the CapCut website, where you can see the video templates of Birthday.
  • Select the ‘USE template in CapCut’ under the video template.
  • After opening the CapCut app, you’ll find a template; simply select the ‘Use Template’ button.
  • You can select photos with your friend, as per the template’s requirements, and then click on ‘Next’ to incorporate them into the video.
  • Click on the ‘Edit text’ menu, where you can easily modify the text of your friend’s name and others.
  •  You can now preview the video and click on ‘Play’ Button.
  • After editing, click on the ‘Export” button to directly upload the video on social media platforms and save it in your gallery.
  • It is important to select the resolution of your video, and 720 pixels is a suitable option for your video.
  • If you do not want a watermark on your desired video, you can also choose the option to export the video without a watermark.
  • After the export process is completed, your birthday template is saved to your gallery automatically.
Steps to Download The CapCut App
Steps to Download The CapCut App


In conclusion, the Happy Birthday CapCut Template offers a user-friendly interface and versatile solution for creating stunning birthday videos. These templates provide a wide range of options, including Happy Birthday songs, video effects, and animations, to make your birthday celebration videos truly special.

We trust that the Happy Birthday Template has put a smile on your face, leaving you as happy as a clam. We wish you a very happy birthday filled with love, chuckles, and countless cherished memories.

Don’t hesitate to use and download the Happy Birthday Template from the above templates button. Thank you for selecting to make your celebration special with the Birthday Template!

FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions)

There are some best CapCut templates include:

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You can use and download these templates from to take your videos to the next level.

you’re not finding templates in your CapCut app, there are many potential reasons for this:

  • Region Restriction
  • Outdated version
  • CapCut App Glitch
  • Connectivity issues

If you do not get a solution after solving these issues, you can contact CapCut’s support team for further.

Yes, CapCut is 100% free for all users.

The Chinese company ByteDance made CapCut.