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Do you want to use a combination of slow and fast effects in your videos? We are delighted to inform you that we are a premium source for providing the Granular Velocity CapCut Template. These templates are optimized with extra effects, such as dazzling lights, laser-like eye effects, and more. By using these effects, you can include slow and fast motion in your videos. 

Feel Free to use and download the CapCut Granular Velocity Template by clicking on ‘Use CapCut Template’ below. Before downloading the CapCut Template, It is important to download the latest version of the Capcut Application.

Granular Velocity Information Table

Template NameCapCut Granular Velocity Template
Size12 MBs
Video Duration12 seconds
CompatibilityAndroid and iOS
Release DateDecember 16, 2023
Price Free

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How to use the Granular Velocity CapCut Template?

Here are the guidelines to use and download the CapCut Granular Velocity Template:

  • Download the new version of the CapCut APK on your Android, PC, iOS, or any other device.
  • Now, quickly Preview the above Template. 
  • Choose the design as per your requirements.
  • Tap on the “Use CapCut Template” button to transfer the Granular Velocity template to your editor.
  • Now, you will be using your CapCut App, where you can find your selected Template.
  • Choose photos and videos and add them to the Template.
  • Preview the edited, stunning video once.

Your captivating video is ready; now, export it in your desired format and display size.

Steps to Download the CapCut App
Steps to Download the CapCut App

Tips for Using the Granular Velocity Template

Here are the following tips to captivate the video with the Granular Velocity CapCut Template:

Start with High-Quality Footage: Start with videos that have higher resolutions and excellent overall visual appearance to attain better outcomes.

Experiment with Settings: Experimenting with the template’s settings to find new creative possibilities is a piece of cake. Modify the template’s settings, such as size, density, and velocity, to enhance the visual appearance. 

Combine with other Effects: Enhancing your Granular Velocity Template video by using other effects such as transitions and layer effects.

Examples of video creation with the CapCut Template Granular Velocity

Here are some examples of how effectively the Granular Velocity CapCut Template works in videos:

How to Create a Granular Velocity Effect Without CapCut

If you want to create a Granular Velocity Effect without CapCut, you can use other video editing software such as Final Cut Pro, Remini, Adobe Premiere Pro, and similar alternatives. Follow these steps:

  • Add your video to the selected video editing App.
  • Make a new track or layer over the video layer.
  • Add a noise effect or filter to the newly crafted layer.
  • Modify the noise effect settings to accomplish the desired Granular Velocity effects.
  • Explore settings like grain dimensions, noise strength, and motion to align with your creative idea.
  • Refine the noise layer’s opacity to blend it smoothly with the video layer underneath.
  • Preview the video, save it directly to your gallery, and share it on digital media platforms.

Tech Specification

CompatibilityCapCut Editing App
Template FormatMP4, MOV, AVI, etc
Resolution Support1080p, 4K, 8K, etc
File SizeBased on Template Complexity
PricingBased on Template Provider / Free

Pros & Cons: Granular Velocity Template


  • Unique customization options.
  • Wide range of seamless transition selections.
  • Advanced cutting-edge options.
  • Embedded sound video synchronization.
  • Enhanced video editing mastery.
  • Professional Look.


  • The vast selection of choices can be daunting for newcomers.

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In conclusion, the Granular Velocity CapCut Template Links provide an excellent solution for those who are eager to boost their video editing skills. With their unique customization options, advanced cutting edge,  and wide range of seamless transitions, these templates give users the power to create visually captivating videos easily.

Don’t hesitate to click on the ‘Use Template’ button and download the CapCut Templates Granular Velocity from our website. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Yes, CapCut Templates Granular Velocity receives a regular update with the latest features.

Yes, You can modify the templates to match your brand’s visual identity.

Yes, You can use CapCut Granular Velocity Templates on both iOS and Android devices because it is available on both iOS and Android devices.

Yes, basic templates are available for free, but you’ll need to purchase premium templates.

CapCut Granular Velocity Templates offer a variety of video formats, such as MP4, MOV, AVI, and more.