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Lots of people enjoy their special moments using videos to celebrate anniversaries. If you struggle to make your videos or end up paying for them, there’s no need to worry anymore! You can now create beautiful anniversary videos easily with just one tap. For this reason, I am sharing the new trend, the Anniversary CapCut Template, with our beloved users. 

I have 18 fantastic templates that you can use. These templates come with different effects like lighting, blur, movement, and more to enhance your video.

You can celebrate your love and make an extra special video for your anniversary with these easy-to-use video anniversary templates. 

This is the perfect time to wish your partner a happy anniversary with special love videos and make the moment special for both of you.

CapCut Anniversary Template Information Table

Template Name CapCut Anniversary Template
Video Duration9-12 Seconds
CompatibilityAndroid and iOS
Likes212 M+
Users111 M+  Usage
Source Apple 

Download Top Trending Anniversary CapCut Template

CapCut Anniversary Template # 1

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CapCut Anniversary Template # 2

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CapCut Anniversary Template # 3

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CapCut Anniversary Template # 4

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CapCut Anniversary Template # 5

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CapCut Anniversary Template # 6

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CapCut Anniversary Template # 7

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Other Trending Template

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How to Use Anniversary CapCut Template?

Here are the guidelines on how to use and download the ‘Anniversary’ Template Links:

  • Download the new version of the CapCut APK on your Android, PC, iOS, or any other device.
  • Now, quickly Preview the above Template.
  • Choose the design as per your requirements.
  • Tap on the “Use CapCut Template” button to transfer the Eid Mubarak Template to your editor.
  • Now, you will be using your CapCut Application, where you can find your selected CapCut Template.
  • Choose photos and videos and add them to the Template.
  • Preview the edited, stunning video once.
  • Your stunning video is ready; now, export it in your desired format and display size.

 If you do not want on your video, you can tap on “Save and  Share on TikTok.”


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